Toronto has a new animal rights lab, studio, incubator, and training centre.

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Wishbone intends to do for animal rights what incubators do for tech start-ups. It is a creativity incubator designed to spark, generate, facilitate, and disseminate innovative animal rights activism.

There’s no lack of talent and imagination in the animal advocacy movement. What is almost always lacking, however, is time, money, and know-how – common obstacles that can lead to procrastination and demotivation. Whatever their creative discipline, with its inclusive space, equipment, literature, and training – all free for animal-rights-related pursuits – Wishbone bridges the gap between the bright lights in the animal liberation community movement wanting to do something…into actually doing it. And doing it well.

Through Wishbone Animal Rights Lab, we can bring together our common desire to end speciesism and get animals off dinner plates, laboratory tables, and clothing factory conveyor belts, and out of sports, recreation, and entertainment.

We will do our part to make veganism…the new normal.

Wishbone AR lab
Wishbone AR lab event

PHASE 1: The Lab

Wishbone Animal Rights Lab (aka `the Lab’) in downtown Toronto, Canada is a 1,270 square-foot space that serves as the in-person component of our creativity incubator, tapping into and maximizing the magic of in-person collaborations.

With Toronto having one of the most active and prolific animal rights scenes on the planet, it is a great headquarters for this content-creation environment. The space hums with a diverse mix of people exuding contagious creative energy, camaraderie, talent, critical thought, practical and technical knowledge, and industriousness.

The Toronto location can serve as a fully transferable and scalable pilot project that, with tweaking and customization, can be replicated and rolled out in communities large and small, both locally and globally…meaning the visions of an activist or artivist anywhere can come to life, also ensuring that “smalltown” vegans and animal advocates are not excluded.

This dedicated space is made available for free for any non-commercial creative animal advocacy project or event, including photoshoots, training sessions, film screenings, hack-a-thons, etc. The Lab also supplies:

  • professionally-equipped recording, production, and broadcasting studios, and a fully-outfitted and sound-dampened podcast room and editing suite perfect for podcasters, videographers, video-editors, photographers, musicians, voiceover artists, etc.
  • impactful, focused programming (both online and in-person) via regularly-held recorded workshops, training sessions, and lecture series led by experts and seasoned members of the movement to inspire creativity in different mediums and to teach critical skills like grant writing, video editing, website building, piercing mainstream media, graphic design, button-making, cartooning, creating IG reels, live-streaming, penning op-eds and letters to the editor, public speaking, the power of humour, etc.
  • resource centre (including rare and vintage titles) and equipment lending library (megaphones, lasers, virtual reality headsets, haptic vests, projectors, etc.) for innovative and effective street activism, creative projects, and campaigns
  • Wishbone-produced in-house content…podcasts, animations, online games, cooking shows, etc.
  • Wishbone will take care of the business and distribution side of things with value-added support and services, freeing up activists/artivists to change the world, through distributor channel sourcing and content distribution to connect creatives with the “right” people to get as many eyes as possible on their efforts
Resource Library - So many books

PHASE 2: The WebBank

We are building a strategic online animal rights interface, where the website we launch will contain a large and varied open-source ideas and strategies bank; shareable creative materials; customizable templates, models, and vetted/tested “campaigns-in-a-can” packaged up in a ready-to-use format; training videos; valuable and well-researched databases; vegan news; as well as showcasing and promoting the work of animal advocacy creatives and vegan businesses.

PHASE 3: The Vegutainment Complex or VegCom

More information available upon request.