About Us

Why the Name “Wishbone”?

Since she was tiny, one of the founders of the Wishbone Animal Rights Lab project has whispered the same wish, whether on birthday candles, shooting stars or, long, long ago, on actual turkey wishbones. And that wish? That humans stop hurting animals.

Vish lives at the Lab, and is our Ambassador of Anti-Speciesism. He reminds us that casual speciesism is very prevalent and pervasive in our society, and that common and seemingly benign actions, like making a wish on a wishbone, have serious consequences for animals. But just look at what’s growing out of his broken clavicle, from a seed of compassion sown in this most unlikely of places: Bright-green hope!

Using the wishbone as our symbol encourages critical thought, and with our name being slightly uncomfortable, we create opportunities to have the speciesism discussion opened up again and again. And people also tend to relax their defences when uncomfortable truths are delivered via humour or entertainment…or come from the mouth of a cute cartoon being!

We – and Vish – know that the people snapping wishbones one day…may very well go vegan the next.

You can meet Vish here.