Plant-Based World Media / Wishbone Animal Rights Lab Conflict Procedure Policy

Our values statement: Wishbone Animal Rights Lab, also known as ‘The Lab,’ is a Plant-Based World Media initiative. A volunteer-driven and self-funded hub for creative animal activism, we champion veganism as our standard, welcoming all visitors, while adhering strictly to our animal-friendly policies. Our goal is to empower animal activists, providing them with an edge in a landscape filled with well-funded opponents and misinformation. 

At Wishbone, we acknowledge the challenges of time, money, and expertise that often hinder activism. Our solution is a comprehensive support system, including a physical space in downtown Toronto, offering professionally-equipped studios, vital resources, and training—all free for non-commercial animal-rights endeavours. Our aim is to transform aspirations into impactful actions and campaigns, leveraging art, creativity, storytelling, and humour to penetrate societal norms and oppose animal-exploitative industries.

How we contribute to the Organisational Culture (our core values):

  • We nurture a collaborative environment rooted in respect and teamwork.
  • Conflicts are addressed with a spirit of cooperation and open dialogue.
  • We encourage honest communication and constructive feedback.
  • Striving for excellence, we focus on impactful and well-executed tasks.
  • Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our approach.

Bullying and harassment: Consistent with our ethos, Wishbone Lab enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment. Respect and alignment with our principles are non-negotiable for anyone involved with the Lab. We act decisively against any form of disrespect, ensuring a safe and supportive space for all. Incidents should be reported to for confidential handling.

Complaints policy and procedure: Our “call-in” policy emphasises direct, respectful resolution of disagreements. We discourage public airing of grievances, advocating for private, constructive dialogue. This approach maintains a positive and unified front for our cause.

Resolving internal conflicts:

  1. Involved party(ies) initiate a private dialogue to address the issue.
  2. If unresolved, escalate to a Plant-Based World Media core team member (Alec Bosse, Mike Wigmore, or Sue Spahr or contact e-mail address above).
  3. In sensitive or complex cases, HR intervention may be necessary, offering mediation and guidance.

Evidence for complaints: Complaints require corroborative evidence. We maintain confidentiality, but cannot act on third-party complaints lacking direct evidence. Timely reporting is crucial for effective resolution.

The investigation process: Complaints are thoroughly investigated, respecting confidentiality and fairness. The accused will be informed and may be temporarily suspended from activities during the process.

Vexatious complaints: Malicious complaints are not tolerated and will be addressed directly. Baseless complaints may lead to actions against the complainant, including removal from the Lab.

HR email: