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Easy-Peasy Everyday Animal Activism!

February 17 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Animal activism can be effective, without being complicated or elaborate. And it doesn’t have to restrict itself to traditional methods like street marches with loud chants or holding up graphic imagery on a street corner (although both of these can be quite impactful…and often feel really good!). Instead, standing up for animals can take on a variety of unique forms — almost as varied as the individuals taking part. Remember, every small action contributes to creating a world that respects and protects animals. And if you’re doing something quick and easy, you’re less likely to procrastinate or talk yourself out of it.
The Lab has a button-making machine…and we’re not afraid to use it! Alec “Buttons” Bosse will provide a step-by-step tutorial and will print out some shiny orbs ranging in size from 1 inch all the way up to 2-1/4 inches, ready for backpack-pinning and distribution.
Jenny “I Ain’t No Fur-Hag” McQueen will be sharing tips on how she engages with the public via her low-key “business card activism”. Then something way more scary: Approaching fur-wearers…and requesting they “#ZipOffTheCruelty“. One activist…definitely two different comfort levels at play!
“HEY, BRO, YOU WANT THIS PAMPHLET?” BRO: “CHURE!” (you’ll get it eventually)
It can be so disconcerting to hand someone a flyer, only to have them mock, dismiss, or discard it. Veteran educator and activist, Mary-Chris Staples, will discuss the technique of targeted leafleting: The art of delivering the vegan message right into the hands, minds, and hearts of your intended audience…and keeping it there.
Why did we ask Tim Theodore and Jo Lalonde to do a presentation on chalktivism? Chalk it up to how artistic they are! (groan) Jo and Tim create magnificent chalk murals on sidewalks and walls, and Tim is also responsible for the beautiful work-in-progress chalkboard piece that hangs proudly at Wishbone. These creatives will talk about how simple and effective “chalktivism” can be, educate us on best practices and local laws, and offer inspiration on images and strategic messaging to capture the public’s attention.
@chalkchick @chalkingvegan
Tired of putting a poster or sticker on a pole, only to find that some Zero the Hero has defaced it or torn it down? Well, Sheldon Stewart of Compassion Is An Action has a simple little technique that will turn the tables on your tormentor and make your message virtually indestructible!
The Lab has an equipment lending library — and a wishlist as long as our arms — so Adrian will talk about Wishbone gear past, present, and future. Think LaserCubes, haptic vests, VR goggles, projectors, pixel boards, etc. He will also chat about tech in general as well as the steps to take to get an animal rights message displayed on a public billboard.
Sue “Stickers” Spahr enjoys the Ninja art of stickering, postering, and “sneakleting” (stealthily leaving vegan literature for others to happen upon). She will share her insights on safeguarding the messaging from both environmental and human factors. And to ensure we don’t do more harm than good, we’ll also discuss where one should NOT place stickers.
People love to display their love for their favourite band or sports team. Advertise that you play on Team Vegan via your T-shirt, mask, hat…etcetera! Incorporate pro-animal rights messages into your wardrobe to spread awareness, spark conversations, and even meet like-hearted/like-minded people!
The Lab has loads of new and previously-loved vegan-themed shirts looking for a new home. For a minimum donation of $5.00 each, you can support Wishbone AND rock your favourite vegan organizations, sanctuaries, and phrases!
Wishbone is a volunteer-driven, largely self-funded initiative. Donations allow us to host more community-building events, develop more programming, conduct more workshops, create more content, purchase more equipment and literature, and cover our monthly hard costs.
FYI: The McKnight Building, approaching its centennial, boasts one of Toronto’s last operator-required elevators. Meaning that during weekends, the elevator rests unless a fee is paid. If assistance to the 3rd floor is needed, contact us, and we’ll strive to accommodate you, be it for this event or a future one.


February 17
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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