First Visitor to “The Lab” on Opening Day – March 19, 2023

Jo Lalonde (they/them), also known as “Chalk Chick”, has been an urban landscape artist (sidewalk chalker!) for 15 years, brightening up city streets from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland. They also enjoy painting with alternative materials such as onion skins and coffee grounds. I’m getting hungry!

Clients know that if given carte blanche, they can expect birds to show up somewhere in a piece, because Jo is openly obsessed with our winged friends.

This individual also uses their creative juice and skills for good and not evil, often lending their talent to stand up for the animals and our planet.

This lively and lovely human is on a one-person mission to call every animal they see the cutest. Have you seen tarantula paws? They’re sooooo cute!

Jo loves camping, bushcraft, and learning vegan bushcraft skills.

Want to know more? IG: @chalkchick

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