March 14, 2023: T.O. animal rights lab is making this new vegan Dungeons and Dragons game a reality, Streets of Toronto

Creator Ethan Kowalchuk (middle) and parents Kelly Kerr (right) and Ray Kowalchuk (left)

March 9, 2023: Young gamer develops vegan Dungeons and Dragons storylines, National Observer

Ethan Kowalchuk is one of the first activists that Wishbone Animal Rights Lab has supported.

March 5, 2023: The Importance of Activist Gathering Places – Zehra Abbas, Almira Tanner, and Sue Spahr, Animal Justice Academy

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March 4, 2023: Wishbone AR Lab’s official launch, Unchainedtv

December 17, 2022: Veg Out 534: Vegan Community Building