Why “Wishbone”?

Why the Name “Wishbone”?

Since she was tiny, one of the founders has whispered the same wish on birthday candles and shooting stars — and even turkey wishbones once upon a time — that people stop hurting animals.

Using an obviously animal-exploitative name (the body part of a tortured being) and practice (snapping their bone) symbolizes and highlights the casual speciesism and cognitive dissonance so prevalent in our society. It is also a means to capture the attention of non-vegans, hopefully give them pause for thought, and spark discussion of these concepts.

Having Vish, a “wishbone”, as our Ambassador of Anti-Speciesism, demonstrates that common and seemingly benign actions, like making a wish on a wishbone, has serious consequences for animals. Yet in spite of that, look what’s growing out of Vish’s broken bone: Bright-green hope! Seeds get planted – even inside his clavicle – and the people snapping wishbones one day…may go vegan the next! People also tend to relax their defences when uncomfortable truths are delivered with humour…or come from the mouth of a cute cartoon being! Meet Vish here.